Our roadmap, see whats being worked on


These updates can and most likely will effect the other frameworks since they're built from this. Version 5

  • - Add css variant to toggle the button with dark class. This would become the default

  • - Improve visibility of lightbulb at smaller sizes

  • - Experiment with increasing the gap on Classic's sun rays and center

  • - Fix symmetry for some icons so there isn't a shift when the reversed class is added

  • - Merge all css variables into a single variable

  • - Ensure css selectors dont use class names or id's (will allow for prefixing etc)

  • Add scss variable to optimize css based on use case


Version 4

  • Babel plugin for SVGR to enable id prefixing

  • Prop to change id prefixes

  • Prop to force motion despite reduced motion

  • Add default button type to button

  • Get prettier to run on outputted code

  • Implement scss to optimize css

  • Add scss variable to optimize css based on use case

React native

Version 1

Using the React build config, adapt for React Native This will come after version 4 of React

This list can and probably will change. There is no specific date for when these updates will be released

Web component

Version 1

Not sure if this will be officially supported just yet, but I would like to experiment with it


Version 1

I would like to build a component for VueJS in the future