Why Theme Toggles

Our project provides you with a quick and effortless way to implement well designed toggles. With more websites supporting both light and dark themes, it's important to ensure sites also have a clean and accessible toggle


Theme toggles is tiny comprising of roughly 1.5kb gzipped


Our goal is to ensure the toggles remain as accessible as possible. This includes proper screen reader support.


We allow for customization of basic features ensuring you get the toggle you want without being inundated with options

We use SVG’s for each of our toggles, animating them with CSS. Using SVG’s instead of html elements like div’s enables us to have minimal markup whilst maintaining a high quality and scalable icon.


Who maintains theme toggles

My names Alfie and I maintain this project in my spare time. You can find out more about me on my portfolio site


Sponsor this project

You can sponsor me on this project as well as many others